About Creative Anarchy Yarn

Creative Anarchy yarn slowly started emerging out of a want for independently dyed yarn, but not being able to afford them. As I started getting to grips with the process, and how it was done, I started getting requests to buy my yarn. After a couple of months I decided to take the plunge and launched my website in May 2020. Since then I have been participating in several yarn festivals, both in person and online.

One of the things that remains close to my heart is trying to be as accessible as possible with sharing my yarns. I offer kits for sweater quantities that get cheaper the bigger the size required, and I always have at least one charity colourway available, with a percentage of the sales going to Mermaids UK. It’s important to me that we can share luxurious yarns with everyone, and that everyone should feel welcome in our spaces.

The yarn I offer is hand dyed by me in small batches in my kitchen, and inspiration can come from literally anything. Sometimes it’s a cool sci fi show, sometimes it’s something I’ve seen on a walk, sometimes it’s music that really hits the chord. Whatever it is, you’ll often see me with camera in tow taking photos of inspiring colour combination.

One thing that’s for certain is that you’ll never catch me dyeing neons, and only very occasionally you’ll see a pastel. Instead you’ll see deep jewel tones or dark and moody colour combinations. It must be my inner teenage punk that can’t quite let go yet!

I only dye yarn on bases that I absolutely love and would buy myself, which means that most of my bases are completely nylon free, the only exception being a sock base with Gold Stellina because… Who can say no to sparkle? But my heart truly lies with my Merino/Silk blend, and you’ll find me knitting with it until the world ends.

When you don't find me steaming up my kitchen with yarn dyeing or knitting, you can find me cuddling my cats, enjoying good food, and exploring both cities and countryside.